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Nephrology is the subspecialty of medicine concerned with disorders of the kidney and blood pressure. A Nephrologist is a physician who has been trained in the general specialty of internal medicine and then sub-specialized in the field of nephrology. Our practice of nephrology offers evaluation and treatment in adults for the following disorders:

  1. High blood pressure (Hypertension)
  2. All types of kidney diseases, including: 
    a. Blood in the urine (Hematuria)
    b. Protein in the urine (Proteinuria)
    c. Infection of the kidneys or bladder
    d. Nephritis (inflammation of the kidneys)
    e. Polycystic kidney disease
    f. Kidney stones
  3. Treatment of complete kidney failure, including:
    a. Hemodialysis
    b. Peritoneal dialysis
    c. Kidney transplantation